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Welcome to the Water Management Consortium website.

IDBs are public bodies that manage water levels in areas of special drainage need.  They undertake works to reduce the flood risk to people and property, and manage water levels for agricultural and environmental needs within their district.


The Water Management Consortium covers a total area of 120,106 hectares and includes the following internal drainage boards (IDBs):


Lindsey Marsh Drainage Board (LM)

Isle of Axholme and North Nottinghamshire Water Level Management Board (AX)

Trent Valley Internal Drainage Board (TV)

Doncaster East Internal Drainage Board (DE)


These Boards have entered into a formal agreement to share support services in order to reduce costs but each Board remains independent retaining responsibility for matters such as:


  • supervision of all matters relating to the drainage of land in its area

  • objectives, strategy and policy

  • rating, finance, budgeting and audit

  • compliance with statutory and regulatory obligations

  • operational activities and capital works programmes

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