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What to do in the event of flooding/who to call.


In the event of a flooding emergency, you should focus on yourself and your family and dial 999 or 112 to seek emergency assistance. 


Please see the links below for general information on what to do in the event of a flood and how to prepare beforehand:


The Boards provide 24/7 emergency response and have staff available to respond to issues with their systems, however, if there is a threat to life or property, please contact the emergency services. 

Our systems are monitored remotely via telemetry to ensure they are operating efficiently and providing the correct levels of protection.  The system is checked daily by the Duty Officer although an alarm will trigger if there are any issues with the pumps, weedscreens or water levels.  Although the pumping stations are fully automated and we have the ability to alter levels and turn on/off some of the pumps remotely, there is still a need to attend site on occasion to clear a blockage or reset a pump and our operatives are on hand to do this should the need arise. 

During a major flood event the Control Room at Manby will be opened and manned for the duration of the event to oversee and coordinate response to incidents and commitment of resources to other Boards or external agencies and partners.  The Duty Officers and Senior Managers can access the system remotely and get an overall picture across the affected areas ensuring that resources are deployed to best effect.

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