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Increased electricity costs last year and this, has meant a substantial increase in the rate for 2023/24.  Should electricity costs be less than estimated due to a dry year, the money will be returned to reserves together with any other cost savings, and the Boards will take this into account when setting the rate for 2024/25. 


Information about audits can be found on the Notices/Adverts page.


The Boards agree the estimates and set the rate in January each year for the financial year commencing on 1st April in accordance with the Land Drainage Act 1991.  All occupiers of agricultural land and/or buildings within the district are legally obliged to pay drainage rates and the local councils pay special levies to the Boards in respect of domestic and commercial properties.  The Boards hold cash reserves to enable them to respond to a heavy rainfall/flood event; the level of reserves recommended by the Auditor is 30% of net operating costs.

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